By: Beverly Marcellano and Jerri Gallo
Has Consumerism taken it to the next level?

When you wanted an awesome video game or new pair of boots from the mall, you waited for the weekend to buy them. It looks like everyone is living in the fast lane; most people don’t have time to go shopping in the middle of the week.
This is one of the many reasons consumers turn to online shopping. You can add purchases onto your online cart; anything from books to furniture to clothing. Just click checkout and it will ask you for a preferred type of payment; credit card or payola. The  items will conveniently be shipped within a few business days at your front door.
Since 2000, online shopping has grown exponentially. So is consumerism ever going to go back to how it used to be? No, likely not. If anything it’s going to continue to grow and possibly be enhanced. It’s actually an admirable accessory for stores to advertise this application.

Online Shopping