This game has been a nerd-dream since the creation of Star Wars, and ever since they announced this game nerds and geeks all around the world have been dreaming about playing this game and hoping to be somewhat like a Han Solo (Smuggler Class). The game is set almost 100 years before the movies where the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic wars were at large. The developers announced up to 21 playable races, 2 factions and 8 classes (4 per faction) to play as with 2 advance classes per class. I personally want to play as a  Bounty Hunter, “FLAME THROWER YO A** HAN SOLO!”(Apologies to anyone who got offended).

I recently got a hold of a beta account. I was genuinely excited to play the game but at the same time was scared to see all the bugs and glitches that might lead to me becoming frustrated and hating the game (Since its still on beta testing). At the end, my excitement overcame my fear (because fear leads to the dark-side Luke) and downloaded the game.

The opening cinematic was beautiful and intense; it showcases a smuggler much like Han Solo being escorted while he was handcuffed. Out of no-where there was blaster fire and things explode, the cinematic ends with a big fight scene that leads to the demise of some of the characters with no real significance to the main storyline.

After customizing and creating a character while choosing a class, the game will take you to a “George Lucas intro” like the one in the movies, “FROM A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY….”. The game will give you a premise of your character and then finally start playing. Each class will have a different introduction and story of origin but all of them are very cool and engaging.

Surprisingly, the game itself was already very well refined, all the characters are well voiced and it feels like your watching a movie rather than playing a game. The stories are very engaging and if you play as a Sith character, you will feel very evil and the opposite goes for playing a Republic character. Even the mini-side stories are all very well voiced and very engaging. You feel like you’re the actual character.

To all the people who love MMORPG’s, I am not afraid to say  this is the best one every created to this day. I will even go as far as saying  it is way better than WoW in terms of story, dialogue and fun! I mean c’mon wielding a light-saber and saving or destroying the universe?

I bet everyone can’t wait to play this game as well.