After another successful UFC pay per view card highlighted with a bantamweight match between Holly Holm and Meisha Tate, female MMA is continuing its rise into mainstream sports in Ontario. However,  even though the grass roots of Ontario female MMA has seen an increase in participation and the female fan base’s knowledge has expanded, professional female MMA bouts in Ontario are still a rarity.

Ontario legally sanctioned professional MMA in 2010 with a goal of four events a year with one event singled out to be larger than the others. There has been a consistency in events since late 2013 but an inconsistency of female fights on the cards compared to men. Most coaches agree the opportunities are equal for female mixed martial artists and promoters will provide them with bouts, but the pool of fighters transitioning from amateur to professional in Ontario is few and far between. Some fighters point to the policies surrounding amateur MMA as a problem, with many fighters having to hone their skills in the USA, Quebec, or Western Canada.

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