Battlefield 3 VS Modern Warfare 3 Which is better?

By Rockey Scrivo and Simon Hurst

Which is the better war shooter, Call of Duty 3 or Battlefield 3? It’s hard to tell right now since Call of Duty 3 isn’t going to be released for another five days but due to prior success it is quoted as “the most anticipated game of the year”. The two publishers, Activision and EA Games, have been waging their own war with each other prior to the release of their modern war shooters. Each game has their fans; Simon Hurst and Rockey Scrivo are going to break the games down and talk about which one they think you should play:

Simon: “Call of Duty games have been on the top for years, there is a reason they sell millions of copies. Call of Duty has amazing writing, great voice acting, compelling story, and a top of the arc multi-player”

Rockey: “I agree Call of Duty games have had amazing stories and fun multi-player, but it can’t compare to Battlefield 3 online play; Huge maps, jets, Humvees, tanks, and helicopters, squad play, 64 players on PC and 24 on consoles, intense game modes and destructive environments. Call of Duty is Rambo style, run and gun no team work needed.

Simon: “Call of Duty is fast paced, adrenaline pumping, and the action is unmatched. The smaller maps make for quick combat with less wondering what you would be doing in your “huge maps”. Obviously Call of Duty has set the bar pretty high because Battlefield’s campaign is oddly similar to that of the last three Call of Duty games.”

Rockey: “Sure your fast paced action is fun, but it’s outdated. Call of Duty is using the same technology and hasn’t updated the engine in years. Dice (developer of Battlefield 3) developed the new frostbite two engine and has the most realistic graphics ever and the best destruction I have ever seen in a game; buildings fall, earthquakes change the entire environment, and not to mention the sound is incredible. “

Simon: “ The engine may be outdated but its still setting the bar pretty high, the way they keep the visuals upgrading and the game play improving shows you don’t need a brand new engine to remain at the top. It obvious Call of Duty is on top and if they keep doing what they are doing, with the following they have, EA’s Battlefield is going to make like EA’s basketball game and fadeout. “

Rockey: ”I highly disagree, technology is improving and you can’t keep rehashing something just to make a profit. People will eventually get tired of playing the same thing but we could argue this forever so will end it here.”